About Pumora

The hands behind the scenes of the embroidery lexicon: Anne Mende #meettheartist #embroideryartist #handembroidery


I’m Anne with an e and I live in the rural North East of Germany with my family. Since I was a child, I loved all things crafty and tried out everything on the way. Hand embroidery came up in my twenties when I wanted to make a handbag for my middle-ages costume. Since then it never let me go!

As a beginner, I found it very hard to wrap my head around embroidery as there are so many things to consider. It can be quite overwhelming to research all the stuff you need to know!

I like to think of textile crafts as a deep forest. So wide and far spread that no one can experience all of it in their lives. So huge that it can seem daunting to even make the first step on this path.


Let me take you by the hand and go on this journey through the world of needle crafts together. It can be overwhelming to learn all the things alone!


With two kids, 2 cats, 2 bunnies and a horde of chickens, I know how valuable time is. You can get the most of your time by doing things you love and enjoy- so let us learn together and help each other on the way.

On Pumora I document all the things about hand embroidery and other textile crafts. I hope this makes learning these crafts as simple as possible and an enjoyable experience for you.


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