Herringbone stitch variations

Der “du machst doch Handarbeiten, oder?”-Effekt hat mir eine Riesenladung Stickgarn von einer Freundin gebracht.

The “don’t you do needleworks?”- effect got me lots of embroidery floss in lots of colours from a friend.

Meine Lieblingskreuznahtvarianten

My favorite herringbone stitch variations

neue Sticharten ausprobieren aus meinem Stickbuch, das genauso alt ist wie ich 😉

testing stitches from a book the same age as I am 😉


  1. Can you please write more about these? They are so beautiful! I would love to try them!

    • I made these stitches some years ago. Two variations already are in my tutorial-section: variation 1 and variation 2
      I hope you’ll try and enjoy these stitches and I’ll keep in mind to make more tutorials on the other variations of this sampler!

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