puppet #9: snail

New month new theme! In march I will focus on farm animals. Since pets are not the only ones on farm, my first puppet is the snail. As a kid I loved snails (of course only those with house, I didn’t like slugs). I looked everywhere for the big ones and collected abandonned houses. I also did snail crawling contests. I put 2 or 3 in a row and watched which one goes faster. They did not care as much as I did, they often crawled in other directions each 😀

When my little daughter found her first snail, she showed the same enthusiasm about them like I did. She ran around in the garden calling (very loudly): “Schnecke! Schnecke!” (german word for snail). She got the nickname “Schnecke” then.

Et voila the snail puppet:


Check out the project page with a list of all handpuppets and techniques.


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