a lot of stitching / eine Menge Stickereien

I’ve done a lot of stitching recently. The first thing I finished was a tree from a drawing my friend gave me for that purpose. I actually wanted to do the outlines only but then my needle just wouldn’t stop. After filling some twigs it looked weird not having stitched the stem and the orb. This way a one-evening-project became a three evening project by accident. Stupid fingers never want to do what my head is telling them to do…


Then I found the pattern for the June stitch along over at feeling stitchy. I couldn’t resist! The pattern simply jumped through the printer on my desk and looked at me with big eyes “Please, please stitch me and don’t bother to eat or drink until I’m finished!” I really fell in love with this motif made by corvus tristis. A lot of french knots and stitching later this was finished:

Still can’t decide on the text for the scroll. “Save the whales” is the only thing that comes to my mind. Probably there is a fitting text still searching for my head and needle to be stitched down on this embroidery piece.

Ich kann mich immer noch nicht so recht entscheiden, was auf dem Banner stehen soll. “Rettet die Wale”/”Save the whales” ist das einzige das mir einfällt. Vielleicht schwebt irgendwo noch ein toller Text im Äther herum auf der Suche nach Kopf und Nadel um auf diese Stickerei aufgetragen zu werden.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc

    i recommend “Jedi of the sea”

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