It’s been a while….

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Since I wrote my last post. That’s because it’s been summer! Finally we got some sunny periods lasting longer than 3 days and it was way too good to stay inside and sit at the computer.

Time hasn’t stood still though and from mid-august till now I worked on many different projects. I had to hold my fingers not writing about some of them and some will still be revealed some time from now.

1. I did a pattern for my christmas stockings I sold last year. It’s 6 in one pattern and available at EtsyRavelry and Craftsy.

2. I designed a pair of shorts for children’s knitwear magazine Petite Purls called Ahoy Shorts (not available anymore since the magazine shut down. But you can find the pattern via the ravelry link). They are made from cotton yarn and they have suspenders – Go make them! 🙂 Ravelry site

3. In spring I decided to do a small collection of handknitted loops for autumn/winter. It took some time to get THE yarn and some other time to get the cable texture I imagined. They are made of organic wool and the first is already take by my daughter and she will never give it back (it’s dark pink – I should have seen this coming).

You can buy them at Etsy and Dawanda.

The knitting pattern for my trigonometric loop is also available since today at Ravelry, Craftsy, Dawanda and Etsy.

Karo from the Dawanda Blog also linked me in her post about embroidery!

The less good news is: I’m 6 weeks behind with my handpuppet project. That happens when juggling so many projects at once. Sometimes there is now inspiration left for small cute handpuppets waiting with big eyes to be created. I will continue the a-puppet-a-week project when it’s time again for it.


  1. Anne, do you make these stockings for custom orders? We had stockings like this as a kid and I’d love a set for my new family.

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