Project “a puppet a week”

Project "a puppet a week"

My only (!!!) new years resolution was to create a new hand puppet every single week of 2012. Whenever it’s possible I will publish the pattern for these puppets, too, but I think it won’t be manageable every week.

After mind storming a huge list of animals suitable as a hand puppet I recognized 52 puppets are not enough. If I like hand puppets anymore after this project, there will be more in the future definitely! Since there are so many of them I try to sort them per month, so every month has its own theme.

And because 52 hand puppets are not enough work, I also want to use many many many new techniques I never used whether they were intimidating, exhausting or I simply never knew they were existing. It’s quite intimidating to use a totally new technique on a bigger project like sweaters, jackets or even bags, but it’s ok with smaller things like hand puppets. If there’s a mistake it’s not a big deal to start over again. The following list shows the techniques I used (and never used before) for my hand puppets. Tutorials on special techniques are always included in my patterns and sometimes published on the blog.



January (baby it’s cold outside – Es ist kalt draussen)

#1: penguin – Pinguin, intarsia in the round

#2: walrus – Walross, i-cord (& grafting/kitchener stitch)

#3: ice bear – Eisbär, i-cord

chinese new year: the dragon – Drache

#4: orca – Orca, intarsia in the round


February (into the wild prairie – in der Steppe):

#5: buffalo – Büffel

#6: crocodile – Krokodil, tuck stitch

#7: flamingo – Flamingo

#8: rhino – Nashorn


March (a walk beside the fields – ein Spaziergang übers Feld)

#9: snail – Schnecke(short rows, i-cord)

#10: dachshund – Dachs

#11: mouse – Maus

#12: mole – Maulwurf

#13: great tit – Kohlmeise (intarsia in the round, stranded knitting)


April (in the woods – im Wald)

#14: easter lamb – Osterlamm (cables)

#15: boar – Wildschwein(i-cord)

#16: stag bug – Hirschkäfer (many i-cords)

#17: squirrel- Eichhörnchen (bobbles)


May (under the sea – im Meer)

#18: pelican – Pelikan (short rows)

#19: lionfish – Feuerfisch (manymanymany i-cords)

#20: turtle – Schildkröte (crochet)

#21: squid – Tintenfisch (8 I-cords ;))

#22: lobster – Hummer


June (raw like a dinosaur)

#23 Brachiosaurus

#24 Stegosaurus

#25 Triceratops

#26 Parasaurolophus


July ( curious creatures in cozy houses)

#27 Corgi

#28 green-eyed cat

#29 cockatoo

The a-puppet-a-week-project is finished!


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