puppet #3 – icebear

Puppet #3 is finished. I admit the ice bear is an easy one, but after penguin and walrus I needed a no-brainer. Nevertheless he has a cute smile, hasn’t he?

Currently I’m doing the planning for puppet #4. Actually I wanted a husky and it was supposed to be puppet #1, buuuuuuut sometimes things are more complicated as they seem at first thought. I made charts and so on, but it always looked a little bit odd and not that much like a husky. My head is full of huskys and they urge me not to abandon them and replace themwith a huge salmon puppet (although I think penguin, walrus and ice bear puppet want me to make one, they look hungry sometimes…) or even an orca whale (walrus puppet is AGAINST that). We’ll see, there is still one week to go.

Check out the project page with a list of all handpuppets and techniques.


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