puppet #6: crocodile

Voila puppet #6, the croco! I used a new to me technique: the tuck stitch. With this marvellous stitch you can create fancy wobbles and welts and when knitted in a particular way, something that looks like scales. The fabric of the croco feels a little bit tougher than usual knitting which could probably be avoided by using thicker needles (for handpuppets  I always use smaller needles than recommended by the yarn company, because the fabric has to be a little bit denser than usual). It does also reduce the stretching widthwise.

Next puppet will bring colour into my puppet list, but I will not tell until next week 🙂

Since the tuck stitch is easier explained via video, here is a nice one:

Check out the project page with a list of all handpuppets and techniques.


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