puppet #7 flamingo

This weeks puppet is the flamingo. On the photo it looks like a grandpa flamingo somehow 😀

I did some research on flamingos (after I knitted it) and found out, flamingos actually don’t live in the savanna. Mega Fail I would say… But I found some interesting things about flamingos, too! Since they almost always live nearby water, one would think they eat fish. But they don’t! Actually fish eats they food, so they are kind of a food enemy. Flamingos eat shrimps (which eat algae) and algae. That’s why their beak is curved – to seperate mud and food. If a flamingo eats mainly algae it’s feathers are more pink, than eating more shrimps.

According to that, my grandpa flamingo ate only algae I would say 😉


Check out the project page with a list of all handpuppets and techniques.


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