purple toddler hat

purple toddler hat

This is an easy mode eyelet pattern perfect for a last minute gift. Knitted in the round and super stretchy. My little girl loves it and wears it 2 years now.



Purple toddler hat

Finished measurements (for toddlers 2-3 years)
40x18cm/ 15.7x7inch
stretches up to 18inch (46cm)
Gauge (eyelet pattern): 10x10cm/ 4x4inch=26rowsx20sts
needle size: 4.5mm/US7

Maincolour (MC): 50g worsted weight yarn in purple; e.g. Malabrigo worsted (Malabrigo Yarns), Wool of the andes (knitpicks) or Superlana (Lana Grossa). The wool used in the pictures is Superlana in purple (27)
If you want a two-coloured rib:
Contrasting colour (CC): 5g worsted weight yarn with colour course
4 DPNs size 4.5mm US7

CO cast on
** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
st(s) stitch(es)
k1 knit one stitch
p1 purl one stitch
ssk  Slip 2 stitches knitwise, then knit slipped stitches together
k2tog  Knit 2 stitches together
yo  yarn over
rnd(s) round(s)[/blue_box]


To achieve a larger or smaller size just add/leave away a multiple of 4sts in the width and a multiple of 4
or 8 rows in the length (4rows are half a pattern).

1. With MC cast on 80sts. Join them in the round, be careful not to twist stitches.
2. Knit 1 round with MC.
3. Work a *k1,p1* rib with either only MC or, if you like the two-coloured version, work knitted sts with MC
and purled sts with CC. Repeat in pattern for 7 rows.
4. Cut off CC. Work eyelet pattern (chart below or written instruction) 7 times. Bind off stitches with 3 needle bind off.
5. Tassels (make 2):
If you like to add tassels at the edges, wrap MC yarn around your 4 fingers loosely about 15-20 times. The
loops should measure about 4inches (8inches in the round).
Cut yarn 10inches next to the loops and wrap it tightly around the center part. Fold at the center and
wrap around tightly half an inch beneath the fold. Secure with a knot and pull remaining yarn up through
the tassels “head” with a tapestry needle. Sew on. Repeat for the 2nd tassel.

Eyelet pattern
Rounds 1-2: K2, p2.
Round 3: Ssk, yo, p2.
Rounds 4-6: K2, p2.
Round 7: Yo, k2tog, p2.
Round 8: K2, p2.

Available as PDF here: youtube craftsy


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