making beeswax candles

making beeswax candles

Yesterday the kids and I made beeswax candles. This was the setup: beeswax pills, scissors, a rice cooker to regulate the heat and could do the whole thing on the table and not on the stove, glasses ( the long ones are sausage jars and the smaller one a honey jar, regular cotton twine and the thinnest candle wick I could find at the craft store, backing sheet, a trowel.

First, there is something the lady at the craft store told me concerning the wick. The thread should be held in a way, that the structure forms a V rather than an A. I suppose it’s because of the capillary action. The fibers are laying in a certain way and when they form the V it’s the natural direction for them to pull the wax/liquid up and not down. Maybe it’s that, maybe I’m just bad at physics 😛


The wax needed endless time to melt. If I had known this, I would have heated the cooker before the kids came back from school and kindergarten. So meanwhile we ate chocolate muffins. That’s ok, too.

Then I knotted a loop in the wick, pulled them through the wax once, waited until they were hardening and pulled them straight. Then I attached them to a roulade skewer and let the kids dip them into the wax. If you let the candle in the hot wax for too long, it will melt again. It’s enough to dip 1sec and then let it cool down for some seconds when you pulled it out. This way the new layer of wax is not likely to melt as fast when you dip in again.

When dipping became boring for the kids we poured wax into Christmas cookie cutters. That made a mess, because obviously when the cookie cutter was uneven at the bottom the wax simply flowed out. Hold the form in place with pressure and wait a little bit until you see the bottom solidify slightly. If you want to hang the form, place a loop in it before you pour in the wax. I choose to make both, candles and pendants. For the candles, I will drill a hole in the middle after the wax is solid and insert the wick then.

We made some eggshell candles, too.


The finished candles. We made 5 small ones for the soon to come birthday cake of madame and some larger ones.

They are less than perfect, but it was not easy not to hit the ground of the glass while dipping the candle. This results in a bending candle. No problem, it was all about the fun anyway 😀


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