the weaving frame

the weaving frame

doppelstrickA new double knitting scarf in progress. I call it the green arrow as a working title, no real name candidates in sight yet. You want to give double knitting a try? Here is a tutorial.webrahmenMy daughter wanted a weaving frame and I just made up this wonky, wobbly thingy. We switch places when the yarn of the other is finished. I always wanted to weave and now I can at least show off my kindergarden skills again 🙂 Still dreaming of a future working space where an actual loom would fit in – oh the possibilities! But for now it’s rugs for teapots and tiny houses. webrahmen1


  1. I haven’t tried double knitting yet. That looks nice! Love that loom! I can’t wait to see these finished.

  2. The scarf is looking interesting hope to can think of a name.

    I love your weaving frame, I made one for my eldest using a piece of cardboard!

  3. It’s a perfect loom. Made with love.

  4. love the green and white together. Your weaving frame is pretty neat!

  5. Love the weaving frame. Made one for my son from an orange crate and he made me a lovely little mat.

  6. Good luck with the double knitting! I love how the finished project always looks when double knitting. The loom is great!

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