Back in autumn 2012 I made this infinity scarf and after it refused to be photographed nicely ever since yesterday in the last 30min before sunset at the lake at my fathers house it couldn’t resist anymore. It was quite cold and the sun was just golden and the frozen lake sparkled allover. It really was magical and it makes me a little sad that winter is ending so soon now. Over the last two months the sky was grey and dark almost every single day. This got to my mood quickly. For the last few years we had blue sky winter days more often than grey sky days. But this winter was different. More snow, not as cold as usual and much darker. Yesterday was a little sneak peek of spring but also a reminder how lovely winter days can be. The light is so different campared to the other seasons especially during sunset and sunrise.

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Driven by the mild temperatures I cleaned the balcony, sowed some early seeds and now the waiting begins for little sprouts of physalis, nasturtium and cinnamon basil coming out of their warm beds of soil.




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