cross stitch

cross stitch

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I went to the local library yesterday and looked for some embroidery books. Along with dozens of knitting books were 4 embroidery books. 2 were related to Christmas stitching, 1 basic stitches book and the 4th, well that book was an absolutely stunning collection of traditional Austrian cross stitch patterns. It’s a book with whole tablecloth patterns, church-related things, a lot of animals (the kind you find on crests, the really old ones) and filling patterns. I wasn’t expecting THIS kind of book in my library and I’m so in love with it.kreuzstich

The book is called ” Alte Volkskunst – Kreuzstich – Ein Werkbuch” by the Leopold Stocker Verlag

Included are more embroidery pattern than someone could ever stitch alone in his life, a practical guide to embroidering cross stitch and some examples of finished objects. kreuzstich01Incidentally, my order of evenweave fabric came just in time, so I started embroidering in the evening. I must admit that cross stitch is not my favorite. Back when I was 11 or so, my grandma gave me an embroidery kit about 40x30cm large. It was laying around some time until once during my summer holidays I decided to stitch it up. Soon it became clear, that filling an area completely with cross stitch is quite time-consuming. So my sisters jumped in and we made a game out of how much we managed to get finished. After 3 days of hardcore stitching, we gave up. It’s really frustrating for young girls to put so much time and effort into something that does not seem to be ever finished. Since then my enthusiasm for cross stitch was zero, BUT I thought I’ll give it another try. I made a cross stitch pattern out of my feathers embroidery and started the first one:



  1. […] Like last week, I’m enjoying cross stitch right now. Especially the mindless parts where I can circle around given lines make me happy (sometimes when I’m not in the cross stitch zone it’s more like: argh this is so boring I don’t want to do another cross anymore!). I have a mixed relationship with cross stitch as I stated before mostly because I like freestyle stitching and cross stitching (at least the way I do it right now) requires some more planning before the start. With free embroidery it’s more like I pick colors, let them inspire me to make the line drawings, then change a lot while stitching and optimize on the go. It’s easy to rip out stitches with most stitches I use at the moment. […]

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