DIY kid’s weaving frame

DIY kid's weaving frame

My daughter requested a weaving frame and I just made up this wonky, wobbly thingy. As you know for sure, kids like to want to do new things and abandon them after a short period of time. To avoid having a weaving frame laying around that nobody uses anymore, I came up with a DIY weaving frame version that I can through away when the enthusiasm fades. Using materials I had on hand, this is what I came up with:

diy kid's weaving frame

Now, we alternate weaving. Each of us can choose her own yarn and weave until it is finished. Then the other one can choose her yarn and weave how she likes it. Since we are alternating sides it’s much more likely that my little daughter stays on track and doesn’t lose interest as quickly. It’s much more like a game and it’s really fun to see which yarn the other person uses next. If you have a kid with a shorter attention span or who needs a little bit more help with crafty things, this is a fun way to learn!


If you want to make your own wobbly kid’s DIY weaving frame here is how I did it:

Gather two long twigs that are not bending much (avoid willow or hazel). Bending twigs will move with the tension of the thread once you set it up. This makes it a bit harder to weave consistently. My twigs were a bit bendy, but it worked ok. I broke the two twigs into a smaller and a larger part.


Then, use a strong twine to connect those twigs. Wrap it very thoroughly or the frame will wobble around A LOT. I made the shorter twigs sit on top of the larger twigs that create the sides. This way your weaving will not touch the bottom which can make it harder to weave (although, you can always turn the frame around).


Use strong yarn to make the warp. Wrap it around the shorter side of the frame. I made an additional wrap around the twig so that the yarn was spaced out more evenly. If you only wrap once the threads are very close to another making it harder to get the right spacing.


Use a short and smooth twig to act as shuttles. I used a knife to carve a slit into each side of the twig. Then, wound the thread around it. Then, pick up your weaving yarn and off you go!


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diy kid's weaving frame


  1. I haven’t tried double knitting yet. That looks nice! Love that loom! I can’t wait to see these finished.

  2. The scarf is looking interesting hope to can think of a name.

    I love your weaving frame, I made one for my eldest using a piece of cardboard!

  3. It’s a perfect loom. Made with love.

  4. love the green and white together. Your weaving frame is pretty neat!

  5. Love the weaving frame. Made one for my son from an orange crate and he made me a lovely little mat.

  6. Good luck with the double knitting! I love how the finished project always looks when double knitting. The loom is great!

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