Easter Holidays and new input for new patterns

Easter Holidays and new input for new patterns

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I’m back from my 3 day retreat in rural North Eastern Germany. I love it there and the easter bunnies came from the north pole this year, since there was EVERYTHING covered in snow. Imagine driving in the driveway and there is NO single human footprint on the whole property. It looked quite different when we left after 3 days. I took a ton of photos of natural structures and textures. Some of these will perhaps become some new embroidery or knitting patterns.april10


animal footprints in the snow

We had a fire stove over there and after 1 day heating the house up it actually stayed really warm over night. We were lucky to bring our huge heavy quilt I made last year. It has totally proven to be warm enough to let you survive in arctic conditions (if you like carrying heavy quilts around there hehe). My Takoma was my best friend outside, too.


We had the best weather – sunny all day long.



megalithic tomb


spring is lurking


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