Embroidery hoop bag

Embroidery hoop bag


Don’t you know where to put your stacks of embroidery hoops without them looking messy? I have a lot of different shapes and colors and used to simply hang them on a nail in the wall tangled together with a lanyard. With every new addition to the hoop family I hoped it will hold the weight and not fall down.


It was when I tried to put my hoop collection in place when I thought, there are knitter’s bags, why not make one for embroidery hoops? So the first shape coming to my mind was obviously a circle. I mean when do you possibly have the chance to make a round bag for a practical purpose, right? A circle is also very easy to sew and there is nothing more to it than 3 strips, 2 circles and a zipper. I will make an embroidery project bag, too, featuring an inside pocket for needles, floss and scissors. It’s lined with felt so even if the bag falls down, it should save my hoops from damage.

A sewing tutorial will follow after the weekend!



See right in the middle on the wall. That’s when I had only 5 hoops (there are only 3 hanging on the wall), now there are 15 :). How do you store your embroidery hoops?



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