Free Knitting Pattern – Silver Lining

Free Knitting Pattern - Silver Lining

horizont01aIn April I got my hands on some gorgeous thick and thin yarn by Drops. It’s the Drops loves you #3 made of 50% wool 50% alpaca and it’s one of the best yarns I have touched this year. It’s soft and warm and comes in a lovely palette of colors. The thing with thick and thin yarn is it’s not suitable for every pattern. I tried some lace and it looked like crap, I tried some cabling and linenstitch, not the best results either. Then I decided to give the brioche stitch a try. As with linenstitch the  stitches are slipped and blend every row/round into the next or previous row/round. This works great with color transitions, because the borders get blended and don’t create a strict line, but this is also perfect for thick and thin yarns where pooling of the either thick or thin areas is not always wanted.


I played around with several amounts of stitches to avoid the pooling thing (which results in arrow like thick and thin areas) and finally got an amount of stitches for my gauge to receive a quite homogenous fabric. If you want to make your own brioche stitch cloud take a look at my half brioche stitch tutorial. This method works very good with handspun thick and thin yarn / art yarn, too, and it should look great with colorful yarns (I have not tried yet). If you discover pooling of thick/thin areas, frogg and add or substract 10sts to your overall amount of sts.



Silver Lining brioche stitch scarf


Finished measurements

106cm/41.7inch circumference

23cm/9inch height
Gauge (stockinette): 10cm/4inch = 20sts
Gauge (half brioche stitch): 10x10cm/4x4inch= 15stsx40rows
needle size: 5mm/US8


This pattern works very well with thick-and-thin yarn.
Drops Loves You 3(Garnstudio) 50% alpaca, 50% wool; 150m/164yds per 50g/1.76oz skein
• colors: sky blue (100g/3.6oz), off-white (10g/0.35oz), beige (50g/1.76oz)
• circular knitting needles size 5mm US8


CO cast on
** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
st(s) stitch(es)
k1 knit one stitch
p1 purl one stitch
rnd(s) round(s)[/blue_box]


You don’t know how to do the half brioche stitch? No problem! Take a look at my half brioche stitch tutorial.

1. With sky blue CO 160sts loosely and join in the round.
2. Purl one round.
3. Half brioche stitch pattern round: *knit 1st in the row below, p1* repeat to the end of the round
4. Purl every other round.
5. Repeat 3-4.
6. After 60 rounds, change to off-white. Work 4 rounds in pattern. Change to beige, work 26

rounds in pattern.
7. Bind off very loosely.

[red_box]The pattern is available in english and german as PDF at youtube ravelry and craftsy craftsy for free. You can buy the finished scarfs at my etsy Etsy shop, too.[/red_box]



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