geometric embroidery part 2

geometric embroidery part 2

Like last week, I’m enjoying cross stitch right now. Especially the mindless parts where I can circle around given lines make me happy (sometimes when I’m not in the cross stitch zone it’s more like: argh this is so boring I don’t want to do another cross anymore!). I have a mixed relationship with cross stitch as I stated before mostly because I like freestyle stitching and cross stitching (at least the way I do it right now) requires some more planning before the start. With free embroidery it’s more like I pick colors, let them inspire me to make the line drawings, then change a lot while stitching and optimize on the go. It’s easy to rip out stitches with most stitches I use at the moment.

Cross stitch is quite labor and yarn intensive. I ripped out A LOT of finished areas in this piece below because the colors did not blend in the way I wanted them. I don’t know why it feels different to stitch crosses instead of lines and fill stitches, but it does. Nevertheless, I like the geometry and the fact that they look totally different compared with the other embroidered mandalas, which are based on geometric principles, too.


The pattern for these cross stitch pieces will be available as a set when I finished 3 or 5 of them.


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