At the moment I have a new embroidery piece in progress. It’s called “Horizont” (German for the horizon, hard to guess huh?) and I tried another means to create the background this time. I like chaotic stitching, especially because it’s not easy to make something look naturally chaotic. I tend to fall into a rhythm when I embroider, which is not good with chaotic stitching. If there is a rhythm, there comes structure. Sometimes it’s best to step back for a moment and watch from the distance.

One thing I love about embroidery is, that it looks different depending on what angle you look at it. If I look at it from the front the colors and text are mixing up and it looks chaotic. Looking from the side the colors suddenly blend in and become more solid. Also, the letters get more visible and defined.

I used 4 shades of violet, creme, light yellow, light lime and 5 shades of blue. I don’t know if it’s finished yet. Should I blend in some white thread around the letters to make it more defined?

horizont01horizont02 horizont04 horizont03


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