knitting needle gauges

knitting needle gauges

Mini-Christmas sock-knitting is happening around here. These teeny tiny socks are finished so quickly! Now that it’s getting colder outside, my husband asks for super-duper-thick socks so he can survive working out in the workshop all day long. You would guess at a blacksmith’s place it’s warm all day, but it seems like the warm air does not want to warm the feet, but the upper parts only. Poor man, I think I’m about to break my yarn shopping rule (which says no more sock yarn!) and buy some sock yarn to make him some fairisle knitted socks with 6ply yarn or so.


Today I made a new batch of knitting needle gauges. After my husband cuts them out and lets the laser do its work, the gauges get a sanding by hand and oil finish. I use camellia oil which is traditionally used for metal polishing and wood treatment in Japan. The bloom of the camellia is so impressive, one day when I have a garden I will plant one to admire all day long.



Zebrano wood knitting needle gauges


Advertisement: Plenty of gauges for the yarn store Ja, Wol in the Netherlands, before sanding and oil finish.

I have knitting needle gauges in Zebrano and Lauan wood for inch and mm, US and mm sizes available in my Etsy store.

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  1. Very cute. Deb x

  2. ooh love your sock! and the needle gauges are so pretty too! i did not know there was such a thing as camellia oil!

  3. those wooden knitting gauges are absolutely gorgeous….. and the little sock is too cute!!

  4. those needle gauges are nice!
    and those wee stocking are fabulous

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