New mandala embroidery

New mandala embroidery

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I mentioned a couple of times before, that the process of assembling, sketching, matching colors and all the stuff you do before you actually start a project is a process I enjoy most. That’s why I don’t get tired of photographing these stages where you don’t see what it’s going to be outside of my brain cells. My inner eye sees Indian, rich colors, lotuses and full, circling lines. New to the process is an embroidery stitch dictionary I got from my mom for my birthday. Now I can finally see what all the cool stitches I see on Pinterest and other blogs are named in German!lotus02

I write the English terms below the german so it’s easier for me to track them down when I translate my patterns. I don’t usually write in books, but this is a book I will keep forever and it helps me a lot, so what? This embroidery book has the best feature ever (It’s my first and only embroidery stitch book so far, so maybe ALL of them have this and I get overly excited about something totally normal. But who cares, I love it anyway!). Right after the basics, there is an index of all stitches described in the book: just a picture, name and page where to find it. I love it! I like having an overview on the first glimpse and I hate searching through all the pages to find something. I mean sometimes you know what something LOOKS like, but you don’t know the name. How would you search that in a book? Right, flick through all pages and look at every photo.

You might want to know what this marvelous book is: Stitch Dictionary by Lucinda Ganderton (I have it in German)


Available here:  craftsy etsy

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  1. Gosh, I wish more people embroidered mandalas. The radial symmetries are just so gorgeous, and it’s nice to have a break from patterns that are completely based on right angles. I love the burgundy fabric, especially with the candy-colored thread. I wouldn’t have thought of such a combination, but it’s delicious.

    I’m trying to find more people who do really distinctive embroidery to join Kollabora, the crafting and DIY community I’m part of. Would you be interested? I think a lot of the other members would like your work as much as I do, so if you linked to your Ravelry shop in your profile, you might also end up selling a few patterns that way.

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