Reindeer, stars and pullovers

Reindeer, stars and pullovers

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Constantly reminded, that I have only cardigans but not one fitting pullover I searched a pattern and cast on this gem by Amy Herzog. I enjoyed her fit for flatter blog series last year and it kind of was a revellation to me. It’s now easier to scan for the right clothes suiting my body shape.


The book is “Long way on a little” by Shannon Hayes and it’s a great read – for a cookbook. Thus far I love her way of thinking and since me and my family still want to have a pig and chickens, it’s good to have a book at hand which shares recipes for the unusual parts of these animals meat, too. thus far i really really love it!

Although christmas seems to be far away for me (it’s rainy and no snow in sight over here in Germany!), there are some christmas related craftings going on. There is this marvellous paper star pattern which I had to try out immediately. It’s made entirely out of strips of paper (and glue) so no nasty cutting out shapes you have to print out before. That’s a huge plus!


Also, there is a new handpuppet pattern in the shops. You could have guessed it: it’s the reindeer! With christmas around it’s a red-nosed one of course. I made some for the christmas bazaar at my daughters kindergarden, I hope every rudolph finds a child to attach to.
Buy here: youtubepatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


  1. I’m going to have to dig out some glue so I can make myself one those stars — thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Thanks for the link to the star. I have got to try that. Beautiful!

  3. That puppet is too cute!

    Love the sweater pattern, gorgeous yarn choice too

  4. how adorable the reindeer is!

  5. Oh my goodness, your reindeer puppet is so cute!

  6. love the rudolph!

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