serious knitting action

serious knitting action

With Christmas coming near in wide steps, I got this idea in my head I might be able to finish the 2 sweaters I started for my better half and myself. Turns out my left-hand doesn’t like knitting thick yarn for days and started to hurt a little bit. Nevertheless, I slowly finish my purple top (there are only the sewing and the neckline left) and make a stitch to the new mittens every now and then. I guess the men’s sweater has to wait for a little longer until the pain is no longer.

I figure the pain comes from my way of holding the yarn. I knit with the yarn in the left hand and thus stretch the index finger out. I always found it a little bit stressful for my finger to hold for a long time and tried to alter the position near to the left needle. It’s not that easy to change a thing you did this way for so long. My mother comes to visit tomorrow and she held her index finger slightly different than me. I will try that!


left to right: men sweater, fingerless mittens, my sweater


We cut our Christmas tree in the woods this year for the first time! It was so much fun to walk around and choose OUR tree. Quite an adventure for the kids.


Advertisement: This christmas ball was a fun thing to do this week. Tutorial for this cutie is here. I think I’ll fold some half balls to attach to presents…


  1. I find knitting with thick yarn hurts my hand as well. Very pretty sweaters! I just love the purple one.

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