The Backside

The Backside

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Last Tuesday over at the &stitches blog Carina wrote about the backside of embroidery pieces.

My embroidery backsides look quite messy because I don’t want to invest time and effort for something that’s actually not relevant for me or others to look at. Nevertheless, I developed some rules for the backside.

1. Every thread should be secure. That’s one’s obvious, but not so much when you start embroidering sometimes 😀 I start with a knot and end with weaving in the end by spiraling around the stitches I made before and go through it again in the other direction. When I do french knots or other stitches which include some vicious pulling through the fabric I start the knot somewhere else make a backstitch and go to the place I want to start.

2. No pulling the thread across the embroidery. When I started I simply hated ending and starting threads so when I finished a part I pulled the threads all across the embroidery piece to continue there. This is such a waste of thread and it’s also provoking the fabric to gather if you pull too tight.

3. I use a relatively short thread to embroider. When I did my internship at a Berlin-based fashion designer who made all the finishing per hand, she looked at my long threads and said: “Langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen” which translates to: “Lazy girl, long thread”. The thing with long threads is, that it entangles way more often than a short one. After 1 year of frustration about spontaneous knot creation on the backside, I decided to make my threads shorter ( it’s about 30cm now).


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