Vehicle stockings

Vehicle stockings

My obsession with christmas stockings is unbroken. In the last few days I made some planes and ships stockings to match the car stockings. I like the way they turned out and they’re a total hit for the kids!

ya04I think one day I’ll make a pattern for different sizes, too, but just right now it’s christmas stocking size only. However when knit in conventional sock yarn these socks result in size 6/7.


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  1. […] showed you the cars stockings a while ago and a sneak peek of the other two. There are two color options for the plane stockings, one dark blue and one light blue (which you […]

  2. lovely pattern! and I like the colors you used – so bright and happy 🙂

  3. Thank you! I made up the pattern on my own, but it’s not available yet. I have made a similar pattern with cars though here:

  4. I love these stockings! Are you using a pattern or are they of your own design?

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