When hippos help with weight problems

When hippos help with weight problems

hippoSometimes hippos are the best when it comes to weight problems. My summer scarf for the LINKED collection is currently blocking in my window and I needed some weight to get it in the right position. This is probably not how blocking should look like, but it serves it’s purpose, right? I’m dreaming of a future when I have space and a fancy board just for blocking beautiful lace on it. But for now its 6 welding wires, some tape, thread, a curtain rod and a hippo.

linkedsummer2The yarn is a baby alpaca silk blend from german dyeing team Dye for Yarn (they have 2 etsy shops Dye for wool and Dye for Yarn), very soft and airy. I bought it for myself as a birthday gift in march and finally found the right pattern for it.The color is Dragonfly flying too high.

There is still a skein of the same yarn named Tweety’s Revenge (guess what color it is) in the corner awaiting its call.

linkedsummerSee the finished scarf here!


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