winter is coming

winter is coming

Ok, it’s really autumny outside right now and I have to bother you with yet another outdoor accessories knitting. I actually managed to finish ALL of the sock yarn of my stash. Yeah right, there is NO SOCK YARN in my stash right now and it is good! I get bothered by small half skeins laying around cluttering the space where my perfectly wound new and untouched skeins could live peacefully side by side.

Socks for the kids was the solution and since they care not a little bit if their socks are striped or dotted (at least when the colors are right) I made some striped socks for both of them. As my little Madame puts it: They will be in shoes anyway so it doesn’t matter how they look. Besides the fact that I love striped socks, it’s good to know how little the tiny people think about socks anyway. Probably you can see it in the picture, one sock has different stripes than the other. I had to cheat a little bit because at the second sock I realized the skeins will not end evenly and I would run out of purple yarn. So I decided to work 7 rounds of the lighter color and only 5 of the purple (instead of 6-6). This worked great and I had 1m left of the purple in the end – very close!

socken2For the business side I made some hats in the alpaca-silk blend I used for the boys hat, which he adores and wears everyday. I love mixing colors and can’t stop making them. While knitting I thought about funny names for the color combinations like: Night over the ocean, Snowy Mountain, Golden Stars in the pitch black sky, clouds over the Poppy field. Maybe I’m reading too much Anne of Green Gables right now? I found the one book I haven’t read yet and started reading last week. I’m a very fast reader but with Anne I’m more in the scenery and try to really focus on what she describes in her own world of imagination. There are books you read for the story and books you read for the words right? Ok, and there is Terry Pratchett, you read him for both.

I got my first book of Anne when I was 14 or so, given by my great grandfather (I think he chose the book because we share the name). I loved it so much and read it a couple of times. Then I found the other Anne books at the local library and read them also. When I went to Japan some years later I spend a lot of time in the school library and they had a good selection of english books, too. Imagine my surprise when I saw Anne in there, too. She is a big deal in Japan, too! So I read all of the books again, in English, because obviously it’s best to read a book in the language it was written in. So ready the last book of the series I haven’t read yet is a big deal for me. It’s not like reading a book again, but finding an old friend you always knew was there but waited for it’s entrance in your life a long time to be just right in place.

hats01 hats02


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