My new workshop

My new workshop

So I told you I was moving last time. There is not much to show yet, because everything is a mess, but my workshop is set up! Of course I have to unpack a drazillion boxes and this space will not look this tidy again I suppose. But isn’t it huge? Having a table for cutting, a sewing table and a table for my usual chaos is more I could have wished for. My old set up consisted of a table for the computer messed up with everything and a very small sewing table with space enough for the sewing machine. So this is a major upgrade. Also the computer will be in the living room, so my work space will be internet free. I hope this will lead to more creativity and output. I find that the internet is distracting me a “little” too much and I want to give the no-PC-zone a try.



Packing scarves


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