The Herringbone stitch days

The Herringbone stitch days

Right at the beginning of my embroidery learning journey several years ago I made a herringbone stitch sampler with herringbone variations I found in an old stitch booklet.

This sampler became my default sampler for herringbone stitches and I took a lot of inspiration from it.

herringbone stitch sampler

the original sampler

During the next 5 days I will present you 5 tutorials for exciting variations of this wonderfully versatile stitch. All of them are simple to stitch and each one looks completely different.

Here are the variations (posting between dec 4th-8th)

herringvar2aherringvar3cherringvar1gherringvar4d herringvar5b


If you are new to the herringbone stitch: Here is the tutorial for the basic stitch.


Also there are already 2 variations in my embroidery tutorial list:

embherringvar emb-verticalherringbone



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  2. I like all of your work, inspired me to explore more color combinations. Should it be applied to the porous fabric?

    • Thank you 🙂
      You can use any fabric for this stitch. The fabric in the picture looks a little bit porous, but it’s normal weight really. I just zoomed in very close.

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