7 days of stitches: stem stitch

7 days of stitches: stem stitch

On to stitch 3 of the 7 days of stitches series: the STEM STITCH.

Stem stitch is an elegant line stitch that resembles a rope. The slanting segments make this stitch blend the single stitches into a smoother line than the more distinct segments of back stitch or chain stitch.

This is how it’s done


1 // Stick the needle into the fabric at one stitch length and pull it up at half the length of the same stitch.



2 // Repeat to stick the needle into the fabric at one stitches length and pull it up where your last stitch ends.



// The stem stitch looks like backstitch on the backside.


Artwork showcasing this embroidery stitch

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let that shit go embroidery pattern by Namaste Embroidery

Pumora – At the cabin embroidery pattern

cabin embroidery

Wait, there is more! Here are some great examples of embroidery featuring the STEM STITCH curated in a Pinterest board:

pinterest borad stem stitch

This tutorial is part of 7 days of stitches. Take a look over here to see all the other stitches.

Learn 7 new embroidery stitches in one week!


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