Advent preparations

Advent preparations

My kids and I made an advent calendar last year out of self-made small paper bags. This year I wanted to do something more durable so we didn’t have to make new bags every year – and save some waste, too. So some month ago I began cutting up rectangles out of leftover fabric from an old linen curtain. Then it waited until last Saturday to be sewn up.



On Saturday I sewed the bags up in one go and let the kids scribe the numbers on their own bags with a glittery-green iron-on fabric pen.

Then they filled most of the bags themselves and I tied them up with ribbon. Instead of hanging the bags on a line like last year, we put them into flat baskets this time. Some bags are filled by me and keep secret gift my kids don’t know yet, but most are filled with small amounts of sweets.

I really wanted to try to insert clever and useful items in the bags last year, but finding 48 items without getting poor or work for it a lot is not easy. So the calendar is partly useful gifts and mostly sweet tooth stuff. The kids enjoyed making their own calendars a lot and all that matters for me is that they appreciate making and enjoy the result.


After opening the bags they put the ribbon into the bag and lay it into another basket so everything stays tidy. After the 24th I simply sort out the bags, bind them together and put them into the Christmas box for next year.

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