brioche swatching

brioche swatching

After all the embroidery posts lately, I’m doing some knitting again! What started as a hat version of the trigonometric loop developped into a completely new project (surprise – surprise!). I was looking for a less boring way to make the ribbing besides a simple 1x2rib – the cowl version starts with the pattern right away, but I like some sort of brim for hats.

So my mind somehow came across brioche stitches. The trigonometric pattern is very textured and a textured brim could have looked good. Halfway through the brim I wondered what happens when I insert 2 rounds of stockinette. And then I somehow created a new pattern.


The intermitted half brioche stitch. I call it that way because I have not found a picture of a similiar pattern yet, but I’m pretty sure someone has already thought of it 😀

After some swatching I cast on for the new hat and already love this fluffy and simple pattern. What’s not to like of a 1-round-to-remember-pattern, right?


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