christmas crafting: folding window paper stars

christmas crafting: folding window paper stars

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I found this awesome link to a german/swiss website where there are 10 directions to folding paper stars. These stars are super easy to fold and my kids and I had a blast making them. Most of the stars constist of 8 pieces of paper which you each fold 3-7 times then glue all of them together in the middle section. The writer of the directions uses transparent paper, but it works with normal thin paper (we used pre-cut folding squares), too. To find out if your paper works, just fold one piece and hold it into the light and you’ll see if it shines through. Or hold 3-4 sheets of paper in the light and see of you can see the shades through.


Here is the link to folding christmas window stars.

Everything is in german, but don’t worry, there are step by step pictures and I rarely read the text anyway.

PS: Yes I have to clean my windows 😉



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