christmas diys and patterns

christmas diys and patterns

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With the holidays coming soon the christmas related patterns get out of their dark hole and can shine for a little moment again.


May I present you the reindeer handpuppet. He or she comes with red nose and antlers, ready to dash through snow covered hills.
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Then there are the christmas stockings. I guess many of you don’t want to knit 15 different stockings for their beloved ones so every stocking pattern is available individually, too. Exception are the norwegian, traditional style ones which come in a set of 6 only.

The stocking patterns all work as a normal size womens sock if you replace the yarn with 4ply or 6ply sock yarn.The heel is a half heel to avoid these nasty bumps when hanging them flat. If you want to wear them you should make a whole heel of any kind.
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Take a look at the “absence of snow” embroidery pattern. It’s for free and very simple to make!


Now we come to the paperworld. The pattern to this ball is not my own, it’s linked to a great website with many papercraft projects.


This paper star, too, is a linked pattern and not my own creation. I did love to make the star in the picture though and it will hang in my window again this year.


This window star is a real delight to make and simple enough for children (with patience). This and the many other star patterns on the linked website are made from 6-12 single elements. It takes 3-8 folds to make one element. Most of them are easy to remember and if you place the finished star against a source of light you’ll see the magic happen. My kids loved to assemble their personal star and glued it to their windows.


Here is my post on making beeswax candles with the kids. We tried pulled and pourred candles and it was a blast for the kids. Beeswax candles are on my to-do-list for this year again. we’ll see if we manage to do so before christmas or after.


If you like your candles geometric, these are the right ones for you! See the link for a recap of how I would have done things differently and how we made them.

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