color blocking scarves

color blocking scarves

I’m totally into color blocking at the moment. My two latest scarves are both an assembly of colors I love put side by side. The first one is the crescent scarf I started in march. I still don’t have a name yet, probably “Red Moon” or something, there will come a name to me eventually. It has an I-cord edge on all sides, which I got very fond of because the edges get a great grip to them and don’t roll.




The second is the Monstera scarf. It’s a garter stitch scarf, too, and way narrower than the red scarf. It has an I-cord edge and wears a lot like a normal square shape scarf. So off to patternwriting I go! I realized I have not published one single new pattern in March. BUT! The handpuppets patterns are now all formated into the new design.



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