cross stitch stash buster

chaotic cross stitch by Anne Mende

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I have the habit to keep leftover strands of split up embroidery floss in my storage box. This pile became a little mess and I wanted to do something with it before it became too tangled to use the embroidery floss.
So this is what I made out of it – a chaotic mess of random cross stitches out of a chaotic mess of entangled embroidery floss.

When you take some steps back from the hoop the colors blend in

and you can see streams of cold colors (the blue hues) and warm colors (the red hues) floating around each other like with the yin-yang symbol.

Do you have a pile of chaotic odds and ends of leftover embroidery floss? Maybe, you’ll find stitching up something like this as relaxing as I did!

Why you should not use thread left-overs for bird’s nesting

It is tempting to give left-over threads to birds for nesting. However, this is actually really harmful for them. Here is what the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue says about this issue:

Yarn and any type of string, twine and even human hair can easily become tangled around birds legs, neck etc. and cut off circulation causing serious injury or even death. We get in many baby songbirds every year missing limbs due to string like materials in a nest.

Source: Good Knit Kisses & the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

PS: In the meantime, my leftover threads have piled up again. I might make another chaotic circle of stitches. But which embroidery stitch would work with this besides the cross stitch? Hmm, I might take a look into my stitch lexicon.

cross stitch stash buster


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  3. stickgreendesigns: May 17, 2014 at 1:58 am

    This is absolutely beautiful! Is the placement of the different colors totally random or did you have a sort of guiding principle?

    • Thank you! I wanted to place the warmer colors on the left and the cooler colors on the right. Then I mixed them up slightely to avoid separation. Each set of crosses made with one thread forms a more or less chaotic line. This made is easier to imitate diffused lines like a stroke with a paint brush. Also the more chromatic colors are all positioned in the center and the pastells on the outer rim.

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