DIY: feather hair clip

DIY: feather hair clip

My chicken are molting right now and the upside to their nakedish new look is I have a lot of feathers to make stuff from.


When my little daughter got the chance to work with pigeons in the circus her school organized, I knew I wanted to make a tiny accessory for her to wear at the show. So this feather hairclip was proudly worn when she made her tricks with the pigeons in the arena.

How to make a feather hairclip


2 feathers

1 hairclip

circle of felt about 1x1cm / 0.4×0.4inch in diameter

several sequins and beads

scissors, glue, needle & thread


feather hairclip diy

1. Choose the right size of your feathers and flatten them with the scissors or pliers where you want to glue them to the hairclip. I chose a rimmed hairclip so I had to flatten the feathers where they would go through the rim.

feather hairclip diy

2.Cut the felt to the size of your hairclip and sew beads and sequins to it. You can glue these, too, if you are lazy too excited to wait any longer.

feather hairclip diy

3. Glue the felt circle to your clip. I chose very strong glue to make sure it really sticked to the hairclip. I recomment using liquid glue, because of the feathers height.

feather hairclip diy

4. Wear your hairclip with pride!

If you feel insecure about using fresh feathers from a bird, put them in a bag into the freezer first to kill potential stuff you don’t want to have in your hair. Storebought feathers will be totally save though.

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