DIY: stamping with acryl colors

DIY: stamping with acryl colors



  • paper goods to stamp on (envelopes, notebooks, craft paper)
  • acryl paint
  • paint brush + something to mix your colors on (I use a small cutting board for this)
  • stamp carving rubber or a big rubber eraser
  • carving tools and a cutter
  • a glass of water
  • a pencil




draw your motif on the rubber base and cut out the shape roughly with your cutter


Carve out all lines carefully and cut out all parts, that should not be seen in the end (outside parts of the motif).


Depending on your rubber you’ll notice a more or less amount of rubber crumbles. Gently wipe them away with a soft piece of cloth. Don’t rub it off, it will produce more crumbles again.


Mix your acryl colors on the palette. For darker paper it’s best to mix in some white to make the colors pop out.


Depending on your paper mix more or less water into your paint (you need a more paste like consistency with craft paper and smooth surfaces and a more fluid consistency with textured and fibrous paper). Test the stamp on a sheet of waste paper first. Don’t forget: apply the paint gently or the rubber could produce crumbles again.


Here you can see my tests with consistency. The upper left one has too much paint. If paint gets into the lines, you should use less paint on the brush and apply it softly next time. You can clear these tunnels with the carving tool.
The middle one is better, but still too much paint at some places.
For the bottom one I used too much water. The color is too pale (for my taste) and paint got into the lines again.


Do you see the difference between the 2 kinds of paper? The smooth white envelope is a delight to stamp on. I used a more paste-like consistency here.
The other paper has a lot of texture going on and eats the water like chocolate, so use more water to mix the paint for this one.




  1. This is so lovely! I love the look of having multiple colors on the stamp!

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