Don’t eat and sew

Don't eat and sew

When a BIG project comes to an end I tend to have an overflow of new ideas. It’s always the same. This doesn’t help much to actually finish things I can tell you and usually I set the new things in the back of my mind to wait until it’s their turn. BUT – there are ideas which MUST be done right away because if you think too much about them you don’t do them.


So one day I was stitching my way through the said big project and thought about the crazy embroidered motherly advices of Andrea Dezso’s | “Lessons From My Mother” Series. And I thought about sayings in embroidery or sewing in general. There was “langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen” (“long thread, lazy lad/girl” I would translate this freely – is there a similar saying in english?) and of course the good old “Don’t eat and sew”. It makes absolutely sense to avoid eating while stiching, but the fact that I was eating chocolate kept me laughing (there is almost nothing more dangerous for embroidery than a chocolate eating embroiderer except for spaghetti with tomato sauce perhaps).

So I thought about stitching the sentence in satin stitch in white and smear everything with chocolate, but that would probably just have look ugly and was too much to stitch up (remember I’m supposed to finish the big project in time). Then I looked to my bar of chocolate and saw the perfect grid of squares and…. then I did this:

eatandsew1 eatandsew2 eatandsew4


  1. Wow! That looks really neat. I actually sew and knit in the evenings to keep from eating. I love your twist on the adage.

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