embroidery samplers

embroidery samplers

My latest obsession are small samplers with simple patterns to practice a single stitch. It started with this satin stitch sampler:


Then this running stitch sampler where I wanted to test some finishing techniques for reversibility and pattern darning.


Then came the chaotic cross stitch sampler which was mostly meant to practice color combination and to kill my left over floss stash because … there is not much to practice with cross stitch, right?


And last but not least the fir sampler in which I went all green and practiced some leaf stitching.


The samplers are finished off with running stitch or – in case of the satin stitch sampler – blanket stitch. They are approximately 9x11inch wide and stitched on linen fabric (not evenweave, just plain old fabric)


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the different stitches and the colors of all of them!

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