The Hoop Talk: All about size – or the right embroidery hoop size for you

The Hoop Talk: All about size

How to find the perfect size of embroidery hoop for you?

Embroidery hoops come in various sizes. As a beginner and even later on it is likely you’ll end up using the same embroidery hoop size over and over again.
These sizes vary from person to person. It depends on how comfortable you can hold the hoop while stitching and if you prefer stretching your fingers or clinging them to the frame.

The rule of thumb to identify the biggest size you can comfortably hold

Get a ruler and measure the distance between your thumb and your middle finger. This is the distance you can reach with your hands to the middle of your embroidery hoop. Since most embroidery patterns are centered in the frame, this is where you’ll probably do most of your stitching. If you can’t reach this area comfortably, your hands will ache sooner or later.

How to find the perfect size for your embroidery hoop

So measure your hand like in the picture, double the number and that’s the size which is reachable at any point for your fingers.

What embroidery hoop size should I get?

If you are still insecure about which size to get, I use these two sizes most of the time:

15cm / 6inch & 23cm /9inch

The most ergonomic embroidery hoop sizes range between 6 and 8inch. If you are completely new to embroidery, choose something in that range and you are good to go!

Remember, hoops are measured on the outer rim of the larger hoop. So if your motif is supposed to be 6inch, you can’t fit this into a 6 inch frame without cutting off the motif. The hoop should at least be 2cm/1inch larger than the motif you want to display.

You can also use a smaller frame for stitching and a larger frame to display later. I know this sounds trivial, but sometimes we get so overwhelmed by all the options that we overlook the obvious. So if you have an especially large motif use a hoop comfortable to your hands, there really is no need to have a large enough hoop to fit in the entire motif for stitching!

If you have struggles with buying an embroidery hoop, here is an article on what to look for!

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The Hoop Talk: All about size


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