I have been quiet lately and this has something to do with the fact, THAT WE ARE MOVING!


I’m so excited. It’s the first time since 10 years that I move to another place again. As someone who used to move every 2 years before I settled here, this is quite a long time at one place.


So we were looking for houses since last year and during that time high hopes, disappointment, frustration, and strength made their appearance in this small family of mine. At some point, I decided it was enough and I couldn’t take it anymore. And then it happened: We got an opportunity to move to a new place – not our own house but even better. Our new place is in the rural area of Eastern Germany, an hour drive away from our current place. It has all we wanted in landscape – rivers, hills, fields, and woods. It’s the river area of the Oder, the river which marks the border between Germany and Poland.


the view

So we are currently focussing on painting walls, breaking walls, varnishing windows and feeding children who don’t dare to go out into the fields alone (yet, I see a time when I have to search for them in high grass and get them out of trees). It’s so exhausting but in a positive way. I can see in the evening what I have done that day. I can show my children, that pretty rooms don’t come along on their own, you have to do something for it. I can fall into the chair at night and stare at the stars and the HUGE sky, without lights disturbing the view. This is all so rewarding and I’m looking forward to sharing all this newness with my family when everything is finished.


However, there is not much energy left for textile crafts. All of my creative powers flow into the home improvement section right now, but I have plans for gigantic homemade rugs, there are also a lot of huge walls for new art and lots of space to create. I have tried out photographing at late evening/night. Making pictures of stars fascinates me some time now and I thought this transition time might be a good time to learn a new skill and get to know my camera a little bit better. Most pictures got blurry because I had no tripod with me (I will bring one next weekend), but I got lucky with this one picture below. I have not yet figured out which sign it is, but I’m on it. It’s in the West at 9 or 10 pm and quite distinct among the other stars.


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