spring kerchief continued

spring kerchief continued


I finished the spring kerchief! I used up 3 50g skeins of green and white (3 each color) of Drops SilkAlpaka. The yarn is very delicate and perfect for scarfy things like this. The pattern works with the yarn held double and after the first color block you switch to one green and one white strand, the to solid again.

The system is easy, but I forgot I had only 2 skeins left of the green. I discovered after the first solid block that the unlimited source that is my yarn stash was not unlimited in this particular color. After some searching I found something I knitted up in this yarn – something I didn’t neccessarily need – frogged it and with some tiny skeins it was enough to make the mixed part of the scarf. My plan be was to do some rows in light blue, I think that would have looked great, too.


So now to the scary part.What you probably don’t know is, this yarn felts beautifully. A customer of mine accidentally put a scarf out of thie yarn in the washing machine and through the felting process the silk began to gather and shine, while the alpaca shrinked a little bit. The original texture of this yarn is very wobbly and soft, the felted texture is a little bit more durable but nontheless very soft.

So what’s keeping me from putting it in the washing machine yet is: I don’t know how she washed it. And it’s sooooo scary to put something like a scarf into the washing machine to felt. What if it looks ugly afterwards? I’m yet hesitating, but I will show you the results ugly or not here, when I do it.



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  1. I’m curious whether you will felt it or not. It’s so beautiful the way it is now. I love the triangle scarf form.

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