the spring kerchief

the spring kerchief

Do you sometimes see a picture on the net and just KNOW you have to start it right away? It happens sometimes over here. Yesterday has been such a day. I was browsing Pinterets and fell in love with a picture by Sachiko Uemura and then went over to her flickr profile, found her ravelry profile and found out she had one of her fabulous scarves as a free pattern. Sometimes I just love the internet (not when it’s holding me back from other important stuff).


The spring kerchief is a simple triangular scarf which uses 2 colors of lace weight yarn held double. First you knit with the darker color in solid, the switch one thread to the lighter, then to both light threads. It’s pretty much the same technique I used for my HUEGEL hats and that was part of why I wanted to make one.


This project is so enjoyable simple, if you’ve got space in your knitting basket give it a try! It’s totally worth a try for beginners, too. I’ve altered the pattern and omitted the wrong side yarn overs, because I found the edge became too tight. Other than that I’ve followed the pattern precisely.




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