The Gander socks

The Gander socks

We made a little shopping trip to the next big town and there was yarn. The next thing I remember is me paying for 4 skeins of sock yarn. The greens and blues just wanted to be with me and yeah, I don’t have to apologize for buying yarn with a full stash at home, right, right? Yeah so let’s see what I’m doing with this instead:

This yummy stranded knitting sock:


I was first thinking about making my own sock pattern, but then I realized it’s almost christmas and I didn’t want to deal with new things right now. So off to ravelry I went and pouf! There was exactly what I was looking for – the Gander socks. A flying goose inspired triangle stranded knitting pattern with a striking color palette. When I have finished the green ones, I’ll try to get my hands on the colors she used for her socks. Here is the (free) pattern and here is my project page on ravelry.

Is it just me or is it really hard to find solid color sock yarn anywhere? I’m so happy when I see solids besides black, red and grey, that I purchase it whenever I see some striking colors at a yarn shop.




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