The history of a handpuppet

The history of a handpuppet

When I wrote my first knitting pattern back in 2010 I had no idea that this one puppet would change my life. It took me 2 years to actually write this pattern! The very first handpuppets I made for my 3 year old son were the pig and a mouse. Forgive the bad photographs, but 2008 was not the year of great shots 😉

schweinI named it Mr. Pigginson, but clearly it was more of a joke for me, than for my son. My daughter was born in that same year and the handpuppets got their fair share of usage. Since I loved anything animal related back then (and still do!) as it is often when you have small kids and are surrounded by cartoon animals all the time, I wanted to make more handpuppets. The fox was born! I changed the thumb/mouth and decided to center it like in real life and not make it like a mitten with the thumb on the side. After all it should be a handpuppet, not a mitten. Step by step the design became clearer and in 2011 I finally decided it was time to write it down. Along with the pig handpuppet, the fox was the only pattern I provided for sale and I celebrated each rare time I actually sold one of these two patterns.

Fast forward to 2012: the year of the “a puppet a week”. I challenged myself to make one handpuppet for each week the whole year of 2012. The idea was to simultaneously write the pattern for each puppet, but what was I thinking? No way you can write a pattern each week without loosing quality, so I dropped the pattern thing. I managed to make a puppet each week until August, but hey, it’s more than the half!


The handpuppet knitting patterns always were the heart of my business. It’s where it all started and where I find a lot of joy in. I am so thankful for every handpuppet out there made with loving hands for the little ones! It’s so great to hear feedback and see photos of little animals coming to shape all over the world. From the kindergarden teacher who makes puppets for her kindergarden kids, to the caring grandmother who wants her grand children to play silly with the foxes – I love to hear the stories which come with the handpuppets and the life that is brought into them through the many people enjoying them. Thank you!


Last month I got the great offer to sell my knitting patterns on a new german website called the makerist. They make how-to videos and offer complete kits for their video lessons, too, and want to offer PDFs like mine. In the process I realized that while my new patterns have a great new layout and photographs, my handpuppet patterns looked a little bit outdated in the comparison. So I decided to upgrade all of my handpuppet patterns one by one to the new layout.

This means:

  • all of my patterns are bilingual then (english and german)
  • less pages to print out because the layout optimizes space
  • the patterns are still a step-by-step type

If you have purchased one or more of my patterns before: I will upload all of the upgraded patterns within the next days. If you got the pattern through ravelry, Etsy, Patternfish, Craftsy or Kollabora check with your account, you should be able to download the new versions. If you purchased the pattern at Dawanda, I’ll be happy to send you the upgraded pattern to your email address. Contact me on Dawanda via your old pattern order.

I will update this post and add the patterns which are upgraded here. So far I have upgraded these patterns: All patterns complete!

sqfox sqpig sqrabbit sqrooster sqreindeer sqicebear    sqmole sqturtle sqsnail sqwalrus sqpenguin sqrhino



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