the making of a snowflake

the making of a snowflake

Last week I showed you my new snowflake project. Over the weekend I finished it and took some progress photos. I was unsure wether I should leave the stitches monochrome or add a little bit of color to it. I like black-grey-white stuff but a pale bit of color can add so much to the whole picture. So I thought, if I take photographs during the process I can compare directly and if it looks really bad with color, at least I have a proper photograph :D.

So this is my making of the absence of a snowflake:


I added some very light blue to the snowflake first, but it’s almost invisible. The white makes very light colors vanish – good to know. So I went to a more dominant color. Yellow. The center star and surrounding areas are stitched with a DMC 745 yellow – 1 stranded. After that I chose a light but very strong blue (DMC 807). I can’t yet decide if it’s too strong or not, but it works really well with the gray felt.

If I compare the first and the last picture, I’m happy I chose to add color!

Here is the free pattern to make this snowflake for yourself.




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