Tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 2

Tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 2


Variation 2

This stitch starts with a simple row of herringbone stitch. It should not be too small in scale, because the bars over the stitches can cover up the effect if the thread is too thick in comparison to the whole stitch. Try and test if you want to use a slimmer thread (e.g. 2 instead of 3 strands). I found the thread in my tutorial  almost too thick and think I should have used 2 strands instead, when I look at the pictures now.

herringbone stitch variation 3

After the first row of stitches start to make a line of running stitches at the point where the upper cross meets. After finishing the row, you stitch over the bottom crosses, too.

herringbone stitch variation

left side: running stitch; right side: backstitch

The running stitch makes a flat texture. If you want the bars to pop out more, change direction of your stitch and switch between the top and bottom row. This way the herringbone stitches get a little bit strangled and the bar rises.



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  1. Lovely variations. Thanks for sharing.

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