Tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 3

Tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 3

herringbone stitch variation 3

Variation 3

For this variation, you embroider three herringbone stitches over another. You start with a taller than wide herringbone stitch.

herringbone stitch variation 3

Begin the 2nd row a little bit more inwards than the previous row. Continue to stitch a little bit below/above the previous stitch.

herringbone stitch variation 3

Stitch the 3rd row even smaller than the middle row.

herringbone stitch variation 3

three colored and uni

You can do this stitch variation in one color, too, or stitch the two outer rows in one color and the middle one on a contrast color. Achieve an ombre effect by choosing a lighter and darker hue of the main color. The color variations are huge with this stitch!


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